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What Is The Daphne Soap?

Daphne soap which is a very important cultural richness of Hatay, is a natural and nutritious product for hair and skin care.Daphne is considered as symbol of immortality. It’s leafs are green constantly and grows at temperate climate like Hatay.Especially, Daphne’s leafs are used at meat and fish meals because of ıt’s excellent smell. After giving some information about Daphne,now,we will give information about,   how is it made? What are the benefits and how itis used?

How Is Daphne Soap Made?

Daphne oil which name is GARLI produced from Daphne’s fruits. Daphne oil is very beneficial for skin and it has the antiseptic feature which is absorbed from skin immediately. Daphne soap is made by mixing the Daphne oil and extra virgin olive oil. It doesn’t contain synthetic and chemical additives that ıt is wholly nature.


  • It renews the body.
  • It clears the pores at skin and draw out.
  • ıt protects the hair against to the becoming scurfy and ıt preventsthe hair loss.
  • As ıt is antiseptic, ıt provides protection to the skin against the lots of illness,fungus and eczema.
  • It is effective for the recover the varicosis.
  • It is very effective against adolescent acnes,black item,wound and irritation at hair deep.
  • It contains naturel peeling specificity and it clears the skin deeply.
  • It stills rheumatism pains and it renews the cells.
  • It is effective against insects for it’s natural smell and antiseptic specificity.
  • It prevents rash at children.

Important Note about Daphne Soap:

Daphne soap is wholly natural. It doesn’t cause skin problems like allergy and skin illness. Because it doesn’t contain chemical and synthetic additive like other products have.There isn’t side effect which is known.

What Is The Olive Oil Soap?

Olive oil soap is very healing herb soap, especially for skin problems. It is Made with extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil soap is the tank of vitamin E. With this feature, skin and hair are very nutritious.

The Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

  • Olive oil soap is very useful for dry skin.
  • Olive oil soap prevents hair loss by increasing blood circulation.
  • Olive oil soap can be safely used on the most sensitive skin, for body and hair care.
  • Olive oil soap has pain alleviating effect.
  • Olive oil soap is good for rheumatism diseases.
  • Olive oil soap is very effective in eliminating cellulite.
  • Olive oil soap is used for removal of skin blemishes.
  • Olive oil soap reduces the occurrence of acne and prevents time.
  • Olive oil soap helps in the treatment of cracks in the skin.
  • Olive soap prevents dandruff and avoids recurrence.
  • Olive oil soap allows to restore the natural softness of your hair, When used regularly.
  • Olive oil soap helps to get rid of dead scalps on skin.
  • Olive oil soap provides a noticeable softness of the skin.

How to Use Olive Oil Soap?

The olive oil obtained from virgin olive oil soap uses for hair and skin care. During the bath, it is a natural cleanser to wash both your hair and your body. At the same time, Olive oil soap is an excellent source of healing to resolve the problem that occurs in your skin and hair, is source of healing.

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